How many single-parent families are there in the United States?

13.6 millions

Single-parents raising more than 21 million children in the United States. Single fathers are much less common than single mothers, making up 16% of single-parent families.

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You Have the Power Today to
Change Tomorrow!

The Amasol ONG Foundation is a non-profit organization that was founded with the purpose of helping to change the lives of single mothers and fathers and their children. We are located in Florida, United States. The Amasol Foundation relies for its development on the experience of the AMASOL Foundation (single-parent families and reconstituted families); reference entity in Aragón, Spain, for supporting single mothers and fathers for more than 23 years.

Since our foundation in Florida we are very committed to improving the lives of single mothers and fathers and their children. To achieve this, we have a professional team involved and knowledgeable about the difficulties that single-parent families face so that their children can have a better future.

About our services

Do you take care of your children alone or preferentially? Need help?

These are the free services for single-parent families that we offer:

  • Guidance regarding free services in our community.

  • Online reception interview.

  • Support group for mothers/fathers

  • Childcare for children while mothers/fathers participate in the support group.

  • Psychosocial guidance for mothers/fathers/children

  • Educational Group and Group Activities for your children

Some Beautiful Moments

It’s these precious moments, that make all our efforts worth it.

They are the future

Let's show them to share

To see them grow

with love

Believe that they

can achieve it

Education for

harmonious development

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